W7 SUPER SKIN GIFT SET 22 - Beauty Bar


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Set of 3 face cloth masks and a plush hair band.

The perfect package for home SPA sessions!

Set contains:

Banana Blast Mask

Banana extract, linseed and vitamin E guarantee that your skin will be completely refreshed! Nourishes, brightens, softens and illuminates.

Pomegranate Power mask

Contains pomegranate extract, collagen, anise, green tea and witch hazel extract, so your skin will be fully refreshed! Regenerates, soothes, revitalizes and restores radiance.

Awesome Avokado mask

Contains avocado extract, marine collagen, aloe and vitamin E, thanks to which your skin will be fully refreshed! Moisturizes, illuminates, tones and softens.

Hair band

Are you fed up with hair that gets in the way of your daily makeup and facial care? The Twisted Bunny by W7 is a super soft, flexible headband that's essential to keep your hair out of your face during all those important makeup and cleansing sessions! Made of microfiber, it is gentle to the skin and does not irritate the scalp or bend the hair during use. The easy-to-wash Twisted Bunny band is a reusable product that stays as flexible every time you use it!