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Say goodbye to messy bed sheets and clothing when you tan!

St Moriz Professional Clear Tanning Mousse is a colorless water mousse containing a unique blend of tanning agents which develop throughout the day, just like a real tan.  Go from a sun-kissed glow within an hour through to a maxed-out dark tan after around 10 hours.

If you reach your ideal tone before the developing time is up, simply shower off to halt the development process. If dark is not dark enough for you, apply again after 24 hours for a more intense and deeper tan. St Moriz clear mousse self -tanner is your perfect partner for no mess, no streak tanning!


  • No Mess – Does not transfer onto your clothes or bedding
  • Fast Results – Watch your tan develop after just 1 hour
  • Easy to Apply– Lightweight foam
  • With Vitamin E – To nourish and protect skin from oxidative damage
  • 100% naturally derived tanning agent
  • Dermatologist tested & suitable for vegans          
  • Made in England
  • Cruelty free

How to use:

For a streak free finish follow these simple steps:                                           

  1. Exfoliate with the St. Moriz Exfoliating Skin Primer, moisturize dry areas of the skin (knees, feet, elbows, and ankles) with an oil-free moisturizer and allow to dry.
  2. Always use an applicator mitt to prevent staining your palms.
  3. Shake (closed bottle) well before use and then apply a small amount of foam evenly, in a circular motion onto the body and face. To avoid streaks on knees and elbows, bend when applying to these areas.
  4. The tan will develop throughout the day and will reach its maximum color after approximately 10 hours. If you reach your desired shade before this time, simply rinse your skin, avoiding any soaps, shower gels or shampoo. During the developing time avoid contact with water, perspiring or applying any other products to the skin.