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The Original Monoi coconut oil with balsamic and exotic sandalwood scent. The Monoi Tiki Tahiti coconut oil is ideal for massages, hair care, silky-soft, oil Baths, and much more. The cold-pressed coconut oil nourishes sensitive, dry and irritated skin. It protects skin and hair from moisture loss and dehydration. The skin is velvety soft and has a delicate fragrance of tropical flowers. The Monoi de Tahiti is used by the baby-care to Polynesian beauty rituals to protect and care for the skin. This valuable product absorbs quickly into the skin and provides it with soothing moisture. Like a gentle caress behind the Monoi de Tahiti and a touch of sensual scent on the silky delicate skin.

Plant info
The Tiaré flower (Gardenia taitensis), the symbol of French Polynesia, from stärmt a sweet and enchanting fragrance. This snow-white beauty, a Symbol of purity, has cleansing and soothing powers. The white Gold of Tahiti, the coconut from the coral soils (Cocos nucifera), is the typical fruit of Tahiti and its Islands. It delivers crystal clear Oil of incomparable fineness. This silky, lightweight Oil is especially appreciated for its nourishing and moisturizing properties.

More about Monoi
The Monoi is a true treasure from nature. A jahrtausendelaten Tradition originating from the Monoi of Tahiti is the sacred Oil of the Polynesians, is much more than just a natural beauty. It is obtained from fresh Tiaré flowers, din-refined coconut oil can be inserted. This body and soul regenerating product is a precious concentrate of sensuality, naturalness and authenticity.

Note: As with all natural Cocosöle is also the Monoi de Tahiti at temperatures below 24°C. The bottle is held under warm water or to a warmer place, the Oil is silky soft and liquid.


Recommendation for the use of the body
A hazelnut-sized amount of Oil between the palms of the hands and after bath or shower on damp skin and gently massage. The skin gains elasticity and is velvety soft.

Recommendation for the use of the face
A drop of Oil with finger tips and gently in circular movements to absorb on the face.

Application recommendations for hair care dry hair
For intensive care, apply a few drops on the hair tips. Do not rinse.

Recommendation for use on damp hair
A little Oil between the palms of the hands and on the hair, massage in for at least 15 minutes. The hair wash afterwards with a mild Shampoo. The best possible effect you can achieve with a weekly application.

Application recommendation as Nährmaske for the hair
To the beach or swimming pool hair and rinse thoroughly. A little Monoi de Tahit in the still damp hair and massage into the skin. At least 15 minutes and then the hair with a mild Shampoo wash.

Recommendation for sun care products and After-Sun care
The Oil nourishes the sun-stressed skin intensively. The heavily sun-exposed parts of the body such as shoulders, décolleté, feet, and ankles rubbing. The skin is soothed and regains its elasticity. The Monoi de Tahiti improves the look of your tan and a comfortable gives feeling of well-being.

Recommendation for the use of the Monoi in the bathroom
For a pleasant Moment of relaxation un to protect the skin from chlorine and lime, add a few drops of Monoi Oil in the warm bath water. The moment is a delicate and charming scent. Soft as silk and smelling of perfumed skin, the result are maintained.

Recommendation for the use of the Monoi massage oil
A little Oil in the Haundflächen, warm up and apply. While Massaging the energy lines take into account the run along the body. The head start and up to the feet to continue.