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Capture the essence of Miami's vibrant sunshine and beach vibes with our handmade gift pack. Packed with handmade goodies that capture the vibrant energy and effortless chic of Miami, this pack is the perfect way to infuse your days with sun-soaked vibes. This Gift Pack Contains:

Blue Raspberry Ice Bath Blaster - Here's the scoop; piped with natural, creamy butters & mixed with pure Lemon & Lime essential oils, this quirky ice cream companion will help you keep your cool this summer.

Pure Therapy Soap - Breathe in an intensive wave of natures finest aromatherapy oils to subtly enhance your mood, taking you on a smooth, sophisticated aromatic journey. With Lemongrass and Bergamot essential oil

Tropical State of Mind Bath Blaster - A bath bomb for the mind body and soul, to help you get your Zen on. Encourage a state of relaxation with the use of ylang ylang and sandalwood essential oils. And the fragrance? Wellll… a floral-musk composition. Magnolia with an accord of subtle musk, a hint of cotton candy and licorice. I mean, incredible!

Who Wants to Be a Melon-aire Mallow - Answer correctly and you’ll be given a rich sum of natural butters! A fruity watermelon fragrance with Marjoram & May Chang essential oils is an easy mouth-watering choice.

Island Tiara Creamer - A sensual and seductive floral fragrance awaits you as you are crowned princess of the tropical paradise. Inhale these heady scents and delight as the pure Neroli and Rose essential oils and the moisturising waters lap around your body.

Warning: Not suitable for small children under 3. Do not consume. If rash occurs, cease use and consult physician. Rinse bath well after use.