I LOVE is a UK brand focused on creating innovative products for the health, beauty & toiletry markets. Just in time for the summer holiday season, UK’s beloved I LOVE cosmetics will be hitting the BB shelves!

 Committed to a greener, more ethical future as a commitment to future generations I LOVE creators make responsible, ethical choices for I LOVE formulae and packaging. All I LOVE Naturals formulations are at least 98% naturally derived, 95% biodegradable, and contain no synthetic fragrances, parabens, petroleum-based ingredients, synthetic colours, phthalates or SLS. Wherever possible, I LOVE source recyclable packaging, with all of bottles also being made from 100% recycled materials (PCR). I LOVE strongly believes that self-care should be cruelty-free so, as well as being vegan, none of the ingredients or products have been tested on animals.


 Beauty Bar introduces two I LOVE ranges; the Original and the Naturals Collection.

 I LOVE Original Collection consists of 4 core flavours; Raspberry & Blackberry, Mango & Papaya, Strawberries & Cream & Coconut & Cream, available in a multitude of bath & body products and additional seasonal scents:


  • Bath & Shower Creams are a fan favourite filled with energising natural fruit extracts and caring Pro-vitamin B5. They promise to leave your skin feeling silky soft and deliciously scented!
  • Nourishing Body Butters: These butters are super absorbent & non greasy intended to wrap your body in waves of beautiful, buttery goodness!
  • Refreshing Body Spritzers: These punchy, fruity flavour bursts will be sure to unleash the mouth-watering scent of their beautiful fruit fragrances.
  • Exfoliating Shower Smoothies: The perfect products to leave your skin feeling cleansed, exfoliated & silky soft!
  • Super Soft Hand Lotions: These hand moisturisers keep hands super soft and supple while quickly being absorbed for a soft, non-greasy feel.

I LOVE Naturals collection consists of 4 core flavours; rose & argan, tonka bean & myrrh, bergamot & seaweed & lime, ginger & cardamon available in a variety of hand/ body washes & creams.  


This Collection is formulated with skin-soothing plant extracts and superstar natural ingredients to nourish and indulge your skin. With goodness inspired by nature, each expertly curated scent combines the beauty of botanicals, essential oils and natural extracts to replicate nature in its finest form. For people and for the planet, I Love Cosmetics aims for the highest percentage of natural ingredients in all products, and this has never been quite as prevalent as in Naturals collection. 

BB & I Love Cosmetics

It was love at first sight!

We at Beauty Bar fell in love with I Love as its products are of the highest quality, are affordable AND consistent with our own core values. Once you’ve tried them, drop us a line with your feedback! We’d love to hear it!

Discover I LOVE collections in BB here!



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