Beauty Bar is thrilled to introduce you to Booby Tape, the ultimate solution for achieving a desirable breast lift and enhanced cleavage. Designed to provide support and create a natural, lifted look underneath clothing, Booby Tape is here to elevate your confidence and liberate you from the constraints of traditional bras. Let’s explore what Booby Tape is and how it works, empowering you to embrace your curves!

What is Booby Tape?

Booby Tape is the Original Breast Lift Tape, meticulously crafted to lift the breasts and position them in a desirable way underneath clothing. With its innovative design, Booby Tape offers an alternative to traditional bras, providing the freedom to wear backless, plunging, or low-cut outfits while maintaining the desired shape and support.

How does it work?

Booby Tape works by securely lifting and supporting the breasts, creating a natural and lifted look. When applied correctly, Booby Tape not only provides the desired lift but also enhances cleavage, allowing you to confidently showcase your curves. The tape has the same elasticity as your skin, enabling it to move naturally and comfortably.

By placing the breasts in the desired position, Booby Tape offers a seamless solution for achieving support and lift without the need for a bra. Its strong adhesive properties ensure that it stays in place, even underneath tricky clothing items, giving you the freedom to wear any outfit with confidence.



Do a patch test.

We always recommend patch testing before using Booby Tape. To do this, apply a small piece of Booby Tape on the breast area, without stretching the tape. Leave it on for 24 hours then peel it off slowly. This is to ensure that you have no sensitivity or allergies to the tape or the adhesive. If irritation or redness occurs during or after patch testing, discontinue use.

Apply to clean skin.

Only apply your tape to clean, dry skin that is free of moisturisers and oils. Do not apply to irritated, sunburned or sensitive skin.

Use nipple covers.

Booby Tape's Nipple Covers are the perfect accompaniment to your Booby Tape! We highly recommend using nipple covers prior to applying your Booby Tape to protect your sensitive areas. This will also make removing your Booby Tape a much more comfortable process.

Round the corners of each strip.

Trim the corners off each Booby Tape strip before applying it. This will help your tape sit firmly against your skin without the corners catching onto your clothes. If the corners of your tape start to lift, it can cause the rest of the strip to peel off.

Stretch your body part, not the tape.

Place your breast in the desired position, then apply your Booby Tape to hold your breast in place. Booby Tape has the stretch capability of up to 170% - similar to human skin but you should only apply a very small amount of stretch to your tape. This is how you can achieve the rounded breast lift look and not flatten your breast.

Avoid stretching your tape's "anchors".

Your anchors hold your strip of tape in place. The anchors are the ends of each strip that you cut (approximately one inch from each end.) You don't want the anchors to have any tension as this will help your tape last longer and more importantly, it reduces the risk of irritation caused by excess skin traction. If you experience any irritation where your anchors were at the time of removal, this is usually because you have overstretched the ends of your strips when applying the tape.

DO NOT wear for more than 6 hours.

The longer your wear your Booby Tape, the stickier the adhesive gets. We recommend to only wear your tape for a maximum of 6 hours. Prolonged use can cause irritation and discomfort when removing the tape.



Peel it off SLOWLY.

Booby Tape will come off easily if you peel your tape off gently and carefully. Start by peeling the tape back slowly, whilst supporting the skin behind the tape. That means, while one hand is peeling the tape off, the other hand is firmly holding back the skin behind the tape.

DO NOT use the “ripping off a band-aid” method.

It can be very tempting to rip your Booby Tape off like you would a band-aid. However, this can severely damage your skin. Most irritation occurs when the skin experiences traction force with an aggressive removal. It is best to follow our tips of peeling your tape off slowly and/or using our Booby Tape Remover for a smoother removal.

If you experience any itching, swelling, rash, or discomfort please seek medical attention.

Use Booby Tape Remover.

For a smoother removal, soak your Booby Tape with Booby Tape Remover and when we say soak, we mean soak! No amount of remover is too much, you want the tape to feel and look wet!

Allow the remover to soak in for up to 5 minutes before removing. If done effectively you will visibly be able to see the remover breaking down the adhesive in the Booby Tape, and the tape slowly peeling away from your skin.

The Booby Tape product range offers a comprehensive selection of products designed to enhance your natural beauty and elevate your confidence. From the ultimate support and lift of Booby Tape to the seamless coverage of silicone covers, the bronzer for enhancing your glow, and the breast scrub and lotion for nourishment and hydration, these products are essential additions to your beauty routine.

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