Get to know GA-DE: ‘’Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is in the way you feel’’

GA-DE Cosmetics is a brand that will take care of your every beauty need with innovative skincare ranges and fragrances to arouse your senses. To wear the GA-DE brand is to feel the beauty of everyday life, to feel powerfully feminine and to live for the richest experiences life has to offer.

GA-DE is your everyday scent that enhances your own beauty, rather than altering it.

So go on and Feel the Beauty!

The most important emotion a woman can feel is confidence: A shining energy that emanates from the inside…


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Over the years, the GA-DE brand has launched a rich fragrances collection – all including the supersensual note of musk. The GA-DE ICON signature collection takes you on a journey of exploration – one that fuses the careful craft of perfumery with the beauty of nature. Each of GA-DE scents combines high-quality ingredients with the elegant, harmonious structure of their selected notes, which subtly shift and flow as the fragrance unfolds on the skin!

The ICONIC WOMAN, author of her own adventures.

She lives for life's rich experiences and always has a story to tell. Her wanderlust is endless, taking her from moments of mystery, passion, love, desire, seduction, femininity, elegance, pleasure, and joy to timeless sophistication and grace. With an ICONIC style as compelling as her scent, she tells a story that lingers in the memory ever after... beyond the moment. ICON collection of GA-DE fragrances, body mists & lotions transforms those moments into eternal sensations of glamour and radiance.

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